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Lots of interesting news since I posted last.  Arguably, what I wrote last time in terms of major world changes, ones I believe will mostly happen THIS YEAR (2024), is probably way more significant that any music you or I might be interested in.  But I need to return to the subject of my music for the time being, since that is PROBABLY the main reason you came to my web page. :-)

Well, out of the blue,  I was asked to put some of my music into a MOVIE.  The movie is, Lime and Vinegar.  Last I heard, it was submitted to 18 film festivals.  From there, if all goes well, it will be picked up by some sort of distributor, such as NetFlix or Amazon Prime.  I wrote the music to the opening scene.  Part of my song, The Tortilla Fairy is used in the movie.  I also play trombone in two other songs in the movie., The Guy's Theme, and Chocolates and Wine. Chocolates and Wine occurs at a key emotional turning point in the movie, and I had the honor to play solo trombone at the end of this wonderfully haunting piece.

The writer/director of Lime and Vinegar liked my music so much, that he asked me to write all the music to his next two movies, also!  Not only that, he wants me to be in the second movie as an actor, playing the part of a piano teacher in one scene.  For the other movie, he wants to build it around my song, Some Yesterday, and actually name the movie after that song.  What an honor!  I may also be involved in smaller projects with this writer/director also.  

But wait, there's more (as the infomercials like to say).  The amazing singer, Pete Salazar, is curently interested to work with me on music.  We were going to debut working together by joining forces for a few tunes with the top unsigned rock group in the South Bay Los Angeles area, The Curtis Band.  But Pete had an injury in December that prevented us that month from our debut.  We still plan on doing that debut, but have not set a date or location yet.  

Wow, my last news update was almost exactly 10 YEARS ago!  So much has happenned since then for me, mostly NOT with music.  I had developed Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which emotionally and PHYSICALLY messed me up (ex: panic attacks every morning, weird physical problems including becoming "allergic to half the world" according to allergist tests).  I had to take special anti-anxiety medication to literally grow more serotonin uptake receptors in my brain in order to get over this anxiety, along with learning better ways to deal with stress, through the help of a Cognitive therapist., and constant focus on BIBLE verses that talked about anxiety and TRUSTING God with my life.  

I literally lost all my creative energy starting about 10 years ago, with the death of my mother (and all the dysfunctional family junk associated with that, which is talked about sort of, in my song "Lies and Consequences ({Part 1)."  My wife for many years, pointed out the strange parallels between my life and Shakespeare
's play, King Lear.  The main difference being that the main focus was on "QUEEN Lear" in my family, and that I was  a male, not female!  Watch this 10-minute YouTube video overview of the play, and compare it to what is said in my song.  

I was asked about a year ago to write the theme song for a long-time friend's girlfriend, for a soon-to-be regular YouTube variety show.  I was asked to do something "funky," so I came up with Funky Linal (Synth solo).  My friend asked me why I didn't use TROMBONE in it (in a passive-agressive way), so out of guilt, I also came up with Funky Linal (Trombone Solo).

I only recently started to try to get back to music composing, and I must admit it is hard to get back into the daily (or near-daily) rhythm.  I do a LOT of research on current events, especially from very alternative information sources.  That has been taking up 95% of my free time.  Let's me just say that the world is about to see (in 2022 and probably 2023, in my current estimation) the biggest changes it has ever seen.  Since 1996, based upon my occult training in the past and continued studies, along with my extensive Bible and history studies, I came to the realization that the so-called New World Order (based om BLACK MAGICK) would one day be DESTROYED, and replaced by a WHITE MAGICK New World Order!  I  believe the FULL transition would require a contrived WWIII (centered in the Middle East, and fulfill Ezekiel 38 Bible prophecy).  However, it became clear to me in January 2020, that this transition was ALREADY IN PROGRESS!  The "White Hats" (as they call themselves) already were making covert headway in bringing down the "Black Hats," AKA, Deep State,  Cabal, The Swamp,  New World Order (NWO).   The White Hats tried to make an early attempt at doing this, in the guise of the "New Age" movement in the 1980's, but it fell flat for numerous reasons.  However, The White Hats disguised their movement as a "PATRIOT" movement, one that even CHRISTIANS would this time be part of!  The main name for the current "Patriot" movement is The Great Awakening, a name stolen from true Christian revivals of the past.  Right now, we are seeing a WORLD-WIDE battle between The Great Awakening and The Great Reset.  As hard as it is to believe,  The Great Reset's ULTIMATE plan is to take away ALL of your private property, your money, your health, and  MURDER 15/16ths of humanity (down to 500 MILLION).  This death toll will NOT happen, because that would be much greater than the predicted death tolls in the book of Revelation.  Believe it or not 5G (at 60GHz) is the main cause of COVID symtoms!  Compare what is said in this video to how 60GHz energy cooks OXYGEN! Also, it is becoming clear that the COVID "vaccines" are designed to kill everyone who took it with THREE YEARS (I believe an ANTIDOTE will soon be available).  I did not take "The Great Awakeing" seriously, until I saw "Q Proofs" that the mysterious "Q Posts" and Trump Twitter posts were very often being made on the very same topic (often same words), and made within a minute or less of each other (Trump and Q are working CLOSELY together).  It is very hard, almost impossible now, to find valid information online about practically everything I wrote in this paragraph, using any Internet search engine.  I have seen a massive CENSORSHIP in these search engines, as well as on all "social media" sites.  Such censorship started around the time EVERY news service was speaking EXACTLY THE SAME WORDS against The Great Awakening, calling it all "fake news."  I have touched upon many aspects of the New World Order in many of my songs, including Encrypt the Question, Encrypt the Question (Illuminated Version),  Retracing Our PathEmpire Falling, and Stampede, among others.

The current Russian incursion and the soon-coming China incursion into Taiwain are BIG PARTS of bringing down the current NWO!  Watch also for all the charges of WAR CRIMES against many leaders (and billionaires), including many Democrat, Republican, and (European) Progressive Party polticians, who have accepted laundered montey through places like corrupt Ukraine, and been involved in constant voter fraud and treason.  I believe that the Democrat and Progressive parties by 2023 will be less popular than the NAZI Party is right now, once the world finds out what they have been really doing!  Best I can tell, honest and just MILITARY TRIBUNALS will be set up throughout the world to arrest, try, convict and EXECUTE many of these enemies of humanity.  

Most Christians know that both white and black magick are BOTH from SATAN.  They act as CONTROLLED OPPOSITION to each other, to ultimately create the final verison of the NWO, the one which would bring about the ANTICHRIST!.  Occultst Alice Bailey (who FDR, his VP Wallace, and Truman all followed), wrote in th 1940's that it would be EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANITY that would bring the "Aquarian Messiah" (the ANTICHRIST) into power.  That did not make sense, until I saw the white hat  "Patriot" movement going on now, that is pulling Chrisitans into blindly supporting it 100%.  A temporary UTOPIA will come upon the earth.  I believe it will include secrets the current NWO is hiding, such as what really causes most cancer, illness, and disease, and how to prevent/cure them, Teslas "unlimited energy" secrets.  The world will probably return to having their money based on GOLD (and maybe silver), rathr than on baseless FIAT money, and the Federal Reserve, Central Banks will be dissolved,  the CDC, FDA, and the WHO, and probably even the UN will be dismantled, or greatly changed.  However, the truth about a number of things I do NOT think will come out, including, COVID being caused by 5G,  that viruses do not exist, but are EXOSOMES, that aliens/UFOs are DEMONIC ENTITIES., among some other critical things.  Right now, I am only aware of one other Christian online who understands the two phases of the NWO,  Probably Alexandra, and I HIGHLY recommmend you see all her videos.  I don't agree 100% with her on some details, but it is amazing on how much she gets right!

Some have told that much of my anxiety is probably caused by my studies of such dark things.  Maybe so.  But for various reasons, I believe God CALLED me to study such things, and inform other people about what I have found out.


Lots has been happening in my life, difficult things, but things that will provide lots of muse for my music.  The best is yet to come.

 I am contiuning to work on a song called, formerly called, "Game Show, " now called, "Lies and Consequences." Anchor Mejans has provided a powerful recording of my lyrics, which I am working writing music around.

A collaboration with Todd Larson (AKA Albino Squirrel) is in the works also, in regards to a song entitled, "Those Clever Maniquins."  Todd is a very talented singer and guitarist.  But not only that, he happens to agree for the most part with the meaning and theology behind most of my songs, including "Encrypt the Question" and others.  By the way, take a listen also to Encrypt the Question (Illuminated Mix).

A handful of SKySWiM listeners asked me if the lyrics of my songs were just nonsense, as found in my song, Encrypt the Question. In my typically obsessive manner, I e-mailed them quite an extensive explanation of the meaning behind all of the lyricsof this song.  Consider yourself one of the few to get that explanation, since you bothered to come by to read this blog entry.  YOU WILL BE SURPRISED AT HOW LONG MY EXPLANATION OF THIS SONG IS!  Here is a copy of what I e-mailed:


As with most of my songs,  my lyrics include a lot of highly compressed information.  Some may think that much of my lyrics are mere nonsense, however, I would have to disagree, and I will try to prove that with examining the lyrics of my new song, Encrypt the Question.  

First off, it might be helpful to know that this song is a kind of flip-side of my songs, Retracing Our Path,
Mindless Matter , and a much older song of   mine,  Stampede

In "Encrypt the Question," I take the point of view of the "bad guys" who are instigating all the problems mentioned in these 3 songs.   Now to the lyrics of this song.

"Dilute the water so we can breathe": This is the ongoing pagan plan to water down truth, especially the Gospel and the Bible, and to a lesser degree, other aspects of truth across the board, anything that might induce a biblical sense of GUILT before God.

"Drink from the air the unrequited banter" The "bad guys" have been busy saturating our world with as much distractions as they can.  They themselves enjoy it, even as much as the masses that they are trying to distract.  This banter, flowing through the air (TV, wireless internet, etc.)  is designed to be a desirable substitute for any worthwhile human relationship. 

"Rush past the lyrics one spent years living": This has a duel meaning also.  The "bad guys" want to encourage the masses to NOT CAREFULLY STUDY the propaganda that they have been fed all these years, ones which they have for the most part, based their lives upon.  There is little to worry for them here, because it takes lots of PERSONAL COURAGE to carefully question one's own life, especially as they get older and set in their "ways," "Christian" or not. 

There is also a level of sadness in this lyric, in that it also represents the "bad guy" speaking to himself, sensing a kind of vanity or emptiness in their own lives, in how they too, have gotten caught up in their own propaganda, and are far from the truth.  This verse comes to mind about such people:

2 Tim 3:13  But evil men and impostors will proceed {from bad} to worse, deceiving and being deceived.

These "impostors" who work at all levels of the media, government, and religion (including evangelical Christianity), must to a certain degree, feel a sense of sadness, in that it must be psychological and spiritually exhausting to pretend to be something that they are not

Jude 1:12-13,16
12    These men are those who are hidden reefs in your love feasts when they feast with you without fear, caring for themselves; clouds without water, carried along by winds; autumn trees without fruit, doubly dead, uprooted;
13    wild waves of the sea, casting up their own shame like foam; wandering stars, for whom the black darkness has been reserved forever.
16    These are grumblers, finding fault, following after their {own} lusts; they speak arrogantly, flattering people for the sake of {gaining an} advantage.

"Feel universal love slither in your heart's tomb":  This represents Satan's occultic counterfeit of agape love.  "Slither" should get the listener to think of the Serpent.  Heart's tomb" is an indication of the true spiritual state of not only the "bad guys," but also of the masses who are encouraged to seek out this false satanic love.

"Scathe those who doubt every other word spoken": Effective propagandists do a number of things, one of which is to divide and conquer the masses, that is, to get those in one major group to HATE and effectively disregard the any other major groups.  "EVERY OTHER WORD" of course on the surface, seems to turn this into a nonsense phrase.  However, as we have seen in effective use of propaganda that has been used against us, the Hegelian Dialectic was used, where BOTH sides of an argument are CONTROLLED by the propagandist!  Thus, SOME TRUTH IS SPOKEN BY BOTH SIDES, however, the goal of the propagandist is to LEAVE OUT CRITICAL INFORMATION, so that the blind masses on both sides never fall out of line of the mental/emotional manipulations that they are victim of. 

"Encrypt the question, all 3 eyes will not answer": This might be the most complex and convoluted line in the song.  "Encrypt the question" has to do with the "bad guys" talking to themselves, realizing that if one can keep the masses from asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS, one can keep the masses from figuring out the RIGHT ANSWERS. 

God created the earth in a way so as to teach mankind in a pedagogical manner about Himself, His plans for mankind, and everything else.  It is interesting to note that before each major revelation of God found in the Bible, especially just a few centuries before Christ's first coming to earth, mankind started to ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS that only the Incarnation of Jesus Christ could answer! 

A similar "question" is forming, in regards to globalism and world government.  The RIGHT QUESTIONS about these matters are being encrypted, substituted with WRONG QUESTIONS, thus leading to WRONG ANSWERS.  NEVERTHELESS, God who is SOVEREIGN, overrides all this, because mankind cannot help but one day see the RIGHT QUESTIONS, and many will eventually see the RIGHT ANSWERS.  Right now, most of us, including Christians,  are living in one of the darkest "dark ages" in terms of understanding most of what is going on around us.  It seems clearly to be a miracle that someone who does not belief in "conspiracy theories," can suddenly one day believe that a man that died nearly 2000 years ago is alive today, and somehow lives in their heart, or believe in a literal Adam and Eve, when most of the media and science "experts" tell us that such a start of the human race is merely myth.

The ultimate "right answer" to come, will be when Jesus physically returns to the earth to show the world that He is GLOBALLY and UNIVERSALLY THE way, THE truth, and THE life, that no man can come to God the Father but by HIM.  Not only that, but the other right answer, is that Jesus is the KING of KINGS, and LORD OF LORDS.   Globalism is ironically the solution to many of the world's problems, something that we could not avoid forever.  Satan obviously saw this coming, and in his attempts to fight God and destroy mankind, for a long time, has been aiming to create a counterfeit global Kingdom of God.

"All 3 eyes will not answer" has a double meaning.  The more obvious one has to do with the supposed "3rd Eye" each of us have according to the occult, but most do not use, which represents IN REALITY the opening of a gateway to DEMONIC control in an individual.  This occurs through practicing sin, especially without repentance to God for it.  Certain sins will of course open this "3rd eye" more quickly than others, especially if one actively tries to do some form of occult practice, as mentioned in the Old Testament. 

Another meaning of "all 3 eyes will not answer" is that it refers to various versions of the Satanic Trinity.  The clearest and most biblical one being Satan as the "father", the Antichrist as the "son," and the False Prophet in place of the "holy spirit".   In the occult, there is a strange and telling usage of individual eyes.  It has been pointed out on various websites that in Catholic Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion of the Christ, it was very significant that Jesus only had ONE EYE OPEN (the LEFT eye), through much of the movie, due to the right eye being punched.  The Eye of Horus, both in all Egyptian art, and on the back of the dollar bill, are all LEFT EYES. 

Regardless of what the "3 eyes" might represent specifically, the single main message in this lyric is that Satan and his demons are being VERY TIGHT-LIPPED about many critical aspects of their age-old conspiracy to take over the world.  As a former occultist, I was very aware at times at how the "spirit world" got very quiet when I asked certain questions.  In hindsight, they had to be quiet about them, otherwise, they would have betrayed their REAL PLANS to me, and who they REALLY were, and the fact that I too was EXPENDABLE. 

It appears that the top level human elitists from my studies are aware of the fact that they are "expendable,"  and that many of them will be asked to fall like pawns on a chess board.  HOWEVER, they have bought into the LIE that they will be REWARDED for allowing themselves to be destroyed, maligned, discredited, etc., the day that Lucifer supposedly will RESURRECT them.  Yes, there is a pagan version of resurrection, at least to many occultists. 

Occultists are only told what they need to know, even if that information is meant to deceive them.  Ex-Freemasons have pointed out how higher Masonic levels will CONTRADICT what they were taught in lower levels.  I've experienced having to "re-learn" new occult information in place of old "inaccurate" information myself from "spirit guides" while I was involved in such things. 

The next 3 lines in the song all go together:

"Believe in random progress, by the time you reach Phoenix, orderly chaos will complete": "Believe in random progress" goes along with the main slogan of Freemasons: Ordo ab Chao, which means, "order out of chaos".  In a nutshell, the elitists, at least since the middle ages (maybe longer), have instigated through their covert control of both the ruling class and opposition, created INSTABILITY, through such things as contrived food shortages (think pre-French and pre-Russian revolutions), false flag attacks (attacking one's own country, and framing another country in order to attack it), and many other catalysts to cause chaos.  Then, these elitists turn around, and offer a SOLUTION, which always amounts to the elitists gaining MORE CONTROL (order). 

"By the time you reach Phoenix":  As nearly everyone knows, the phoenix was a mythical bird whose design was to SACRIFICE itself every 500 years, and out of its own ashes, be reborn, to live at least another 500 years.  The CATHOLIC Church very early on adopted the symbol of the phoenix, and in their pagan Greek way, associated it with the resurrection of Christ.  Since most of the occult world for centuries has apparently looked towards 2012 as being the time of "rebirth" to the earth, it seems that going back 500 years in regards to their mythical phoenix would hold some historical occult significance.  I barely started looking for clues on this, but so far, I found this occurrence which to me, seems to be the most telling occultic event of that year:

"In 1512 Juan Ponce De Leon, in search of gold and the fountain of youth, sailed from Porto Rico and on 27th March he landed in latitude 30° 8', slightly north of St. Augustine. The Indian name of the country was Cautio, but Ponce de Leon named it Florida, having discovered it on Easter Sunday. The Spaniards planted a cross, unfurled the royal banner, and took the oath of allegiance to Ferdinand, in whose name they took possession."

The myth of the "fountain of youth," also known as the "water of life," was a clear counterfeit of what Jesus could only give one day, was around for thousands of years, and was written about extensively by the GREEK historian Herodotus, 5th century BC.  If a real fountain of youth existed, then one using it would never need to be saved from their sins, to have eternal life.  The Catholic-based Spanish government was willing to finance the expensive expedition to try to find this seemingly "mythical" water, which also seems to make this possibly more significant.

To make matters a bit more confusing, this Freemason website claims that the phoenix's lifespan cycle is 608 years.   They at least outwardly agree with the CATHOLICS that this symbol represents Christ's resurrection.  Other masonic writings indicate otherwise, and thus, suggest that this is intentionally false information to the non-Masonic public. 

It was harder to find out what might have been the most important occultic occurrence in 1404 (2012 - 608).  Here is a quick guess:

"The Bremen Roland is a statue of Roland, erected in 1404. It stands in the market square (Rathausplatz) of Bremen, Germany, facing the cathedral, and shows Roland, paladin of the first Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne and hero of the Battle of Roncevaux Pass. Roland is shown as protector of the city: his legendary sword (known in chivalric legend as Durendal) is unsheathed, and his shield is emblazoned with the two-headed Imperial eagle...

... It confronts the church as a representation of city rights opposed to the territorial claims of the prince-archbishop. Statues of Roland appear in numerous cities of the former Holy Roman Empire, as emblems of city liberties, Stadtrechte.[1] The Roland statue at Bremen is the oldest surviving example. From Bremen the symbol of civic liberty and freedom spread to other cities and has become a symbol of the new Europe."

As I have stated many times before, American "liberty" is not based upon biblical principles, but upon the same pagan Greek principles that Europe held to long ago.  Ultimately, I am convinced that it symbolizes liberty from the GOD OF THE BIBLE.

"By the time you reach phoenix" includes the occult idea that the elitists are anxiously waiting for WHEN the phoenix will once again fall and rise from its ashes.  Many, including myself,  think that America was designed to be a "phoenix" for the entire world.  Most do not know that one of the original designs of the Great Seal of America was the Phoenix, not the eagle:

"The consultant on the third committee, William Barton, wanted a shield of 13 horizontal stripes with a pillar in the center. That bird at the top is a "phoenix in flames"!"

Wouldn't it be interesting if "Christian" lawyer, David Barton, who claims that the Founding Fathers of America were all Christian, turns out to be a descendant of William Barton? 

33rd degree Mason Manly P. Hall wrote the following in his preface to his diamond jubiliee edition of his book, The Secret Teachings of All Ages:

"European mysticism was not dead at the time the United States of America was founded. The hand of the mysteries controlled in the establishment of the new government for the signature of the mysteries may still be seen on the Great Seal of the United states of America. Careful analysis of the seal discloses a mass of occult and Masonic symbols chief among them, the so-called American Eagle. ... the American eagle upon the Great Seal is but a conventionalized phoenix... Not only were many of the founders of the United States government Masons, but they received aid from a secret and august body existing in Europe which helped them to establish this country for a peculiar and particular purpose known only to the initiated few. The Great Seal is the signature of this exalted body—unseen and for the most part unknown—and the unfinished pyramid upon its reverse side is a trestleboard setting forth symbolically the task to the accomplishment of which the United States Government was dedicated from the day of its inception."

One last thing about my lyric, "By the time you reach phoenix."  I used a play on words on the song made famous by Glen Campbell, called, "By the Time I Get to Phoenix."

"Orderly chaos will complete":  With what I have written a few paragraphs before, the meaning of this should be fairly obvious.  The occultic program of instigating chaos (instability) in the world gives these same people the perfect opportunity to "fix" the problem (create more order/control) that they instigated in the first place.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (wearing a PHOENIX PIN in this picture), recently gave a good example of how the occult elite create their OWN order out of chaos:

(Reuters) - "Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an audience Friday "never waste a good crisis," and highlighted the opportunity of rebuilding economies in a greener, less energy-intensive way..."

What will this "orderly chaos" ultimately bring to completion?  According to all the occult writings I've read, it will mean the end of true Christianity, and the rise of the ANTICHRIST. 

"Freeze-dry the fallen snow": This begins a series of strange and paradoxical statements/commands in my lyrics that represent the occult elitist point of view.  Freeze-drying of course means taking all the WATER out of something.  If you do that to snow, there is NOTHING LEFT, yet a lot of hard work is instigated.  This is the kind of "rebuilding" the occult elite really will do for the people of the world, instead of truly helping them.  Starvation, disease, war, and death will be their main result.

"Pinch-hit for bobble heads":  This is a seemingly silly picture of someone stepping in to be a substitute batter for a toy baseball player, whose head MINDLESSLY bobbles.  The pinch-hitters represent occult infiltrators into various important organizations, including all the media, all our churches, and every political party.  Their purpose is to effectively take control of these groups, and GET US DISTRACTED FROM THE IMPORTANT CRITICAL ISSUES THAT THEY AVOID BRING UP! 

"Follow beaten-path dreams": The job of the occultists here is to get the masses to STAY ON THE PAGAN PATHS that they have been taught to constantly walk upon, and for the occultists to do the same, to fulfill the dream of Lucifer one day defeating God.  As shocking as this might be to Republicans, especially Republican Christians, W Bush was referring to this same beaten path when he said:

"When our Founders declared a new order of the ages… they were acting on an ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled."

"Listen to blind watchmakers":  This was initially based upon William Paley's Watchmaker Argument, which argued that anything that shows some form of DESIGN, requires the existence of a DESIGNER.  In other words, he argued that GOD was the designer and creator of the universe because we see evidence of design in nature.  "BLIND watchmakers" is a reference to the book, "The Blind Watchmaker: Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe without Design," by atheist Richard Dawkins.  The belief in evolution has been around at least a THOUSAND years before Darwin was alive.  It is very arguable that the theory of evolution has been part of pagan religion thousands of years longer.

"Kiss the faux ring":  To better understand this, I would like to first quote what British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1880) wrote:

“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."

The kings of Europe for much of the "Christian" era, had to show allegiance to the Pope, by kissing his ring.   What makes this a "faux" ring is the false notion that the Pope is a true successor of the Apostle Peter, thus indicating (from the Catholic view) that he is the head of the entire universal ("catholic") church, or Body of Christ.  This is blasphemous, because JESUS CHRIST is the only head of the Body of Christ:

Eph 5:23 "For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church, He Himself {being} the Savior of the body."

In a more generic meaning to the lyric, the occultists/elitists goal is to get the masses to accept counterfeit authority, whether it be religious or political authority.  They "kiss the faux ring" to set the example for others to follow, even if they themselves do not accept such authority.  Interestingly, the Antichrist will apparently one day HATE the Catholic Church, even though he is at least for a time associated in some ways with it, according to the book of Revelation, and assuming that the "whore of Babylon" truly depicts the Catholic church as most Christians have believed for many centuries.

"Carpool with clowns": Nobody thinks that they are fools, especially foolish people.  The arrogant occultist/elitists who worked hard to dumb down the masses and take control of them (including most evangelical churches), think VERY LOWLY of us.  I am rather sure that apostates like Rick Warren deep down really do think lowly of their faithful followers who eat up their propaganda.  Yet, as much as these covert propagandists/instigators hate all of us, they realize that they must CO-EXIST with us for now, and even pretend to be mostly like us.  For a simple picture of this, think of how all our politicians, when they visit with middle or low class people in public, how they will DRESS MORE CASUALLY, to get those groups to identify with the politician, even stooping to eat some of the local food, like an "average" person. 

"Sing this under duress as gladly as I have done":  A very clear paradox appears here.  The "occultist/elitist" who is singing this song, at least to some degree, is UNDER GREAT PRESSURE to not only sing (preach/practice) what is found in this song, but also to at least try to APPEAR to be doing it gladly.  This lyric is meant to strongly imply that every occultist/elitist becomes more and more aware that they are somehow under the authority of a HIGHER authority, and thus, is always in the position of being expendable.  This is a good example of why Christianity is unique amongst all the other religions (which are all pagan in nature): In Christianity, we do not obey God because we are FORCED to obey Him.  We obey Him because we freely LOVE Him.  In ALL other religions, there is ALWAYS some form of COMPULSION other than love (ex: fear) that causes their followers to obey.  Unfortunately, many a Christian cult (including Catholicism) always end up using pagan forms of compulsion to enforce obedience. 

I hope that this was a worthwhile read to those wondering what this song was about.  Keep in mind that most of the lyrics of my other songs have rather compressed amounts of meaning in them also.  However, don't expect me to write out the meanings like this for ALL my songs!

1-8-11:  My usual apologies are in order for my lateness in updating SKySWiM news.  I've been scolded by a number of friends, co-collabortors, and even family, for giving my composing such a low priority.  I've tried to reform all that, and still do all the other things I manage to do, albeit, maybe a bit more efficiently.

My song, My Family of  Latvia, was finished and made public on 11-24-10.  It was uploaded at various sites, but at the provided link, you can easily see a full song description and the lyrics.  One unexpected problem with the lyrics, was that because the English lyrics I wrote did not translate well into Latvian, I decided to sing it in English.  Maybe someday, I can find a way to write a nice Latvian translation, and do it in my parent's native tongue.    On an ironically sad note, one of the biggest fans of my music in my family in Latvia,  my cousin, Inara Mezapuke
, unexpectedly PASSED AWAY 11-25-10, the day after I uploaded this song.  She was the main person to help me realize the song lyrics that were provided by other family members were ineffective in Latvian, and that I should sing it first in English.  She was certainly one of those on my mind as I wrote the song.  I feel fortunate to have at least met her one time, in July 2008.  We managed to talk on the phone (via Skype) a number of times also, both of us using broken Latvian and English, but somehow slowly communicating.  She apparently was quite a Latvian poet.  The little I have managed to translate into English of her poems, show a deep and complex flow of creative thought.  Maybe someday, I could use some of that in song?  Hmm...

My song,
Encrypt the Question, another collaboration with Anchor Mejans is quite a bit finished.  I continue to try to develop my own style of classical compositions here.  In this tune, I am exploring more rich and complex SOLOING by various orchestral instruments, along with an odd but dramatic LO-FI grand piano I programmed.   The vocal section of the piece will include quite a bit of shifting between 2/4 and 3/4 meter, something I also do a bit in the instrumental parts, but using quite a different feel and tempo.  At the moment, I also include a very haunting ambient background set of sounds that integrates more of my Negative Rental Space experimental sound, in paricular, like my song, Goth Family Christmas.   Unknown to even Anchor Mejans, I am also actually planning and started some work on a REMIX of Encrypt the Question.  What is most funny about it, is that it will in effect be mostly a DIFFERENT song.  It will probably have more of an "electronic" beat,  but in my own unique style.  It is tentatively entitled, Encrypt the Question (Revelation Mix).   If all goes well, it will include quite a bit of spoken word from a couple of different sources, all speaking in regards to various CONSPIRACY THEORIES.  Whether or not some truth is found in such things is up to the listener to decide.   I must confess that I find reading such theories on the Internet quite interesting.  Some of it is obviously FICTION, since it actually contradicts with other theories.  However, lots of it is the BEST FICTION one could ever read, because it is presented AS FACT, and is made to fit SO WELL into recent and current history!   This reminds me of challenging an atheist friend of mine who LOVES to read, to read the Bible strictly as a LITERATURE book, and try to appreciate how the various authors manage to WONDERFULLY CONNECT so many stories, patterns, symbols.  I personally believe that one could actually be convinced of the DIVINE inspiration of the Bible if they really saw all the amazing INTERNAL connections within the Bible, IF they first approached it that way.  NO Bible as Literature class I think ever did this well, since few teachers have seen that many patterns, and of those, saw them only one-dimensionally.

Maybe this is a stretch to tell you what my NEXT song after this will be.  I will tell you this, that I already wrote lyrics for a new tune (possibly another collaboration with 
Anchor Mejans), that is called, Those Clever Mannequins.   It originally was meant specifically for a NEW collaborator to sing, but she sadly (or happily) never followed up with producing anything as yet.  Last time I heard from her was 12/19/09!  It could be an interesting predicament if I finish another version first.  At that point, I think I would treat them technically as two different "movements" of the same piece.  

Since I am a bit manic at the moment apparently, I might as well tell you about yet another song that I plan on finishing.  Believe it or not, this song was already 80% finished back around 1987!  For some reason, I could not figure out how to totally finish it, UNTIL RECENTLY.  It originally had a bit of an 80's sound (not surprisingly), but I recently tweaked and rearanged the music and instruments so that it feels more like the busyness heard on Hoodoo Zephyr by composer John Adams, minus his minimalism, with the musicality of some old TV game show.  Not surprisingly, the working title for this song is, Game Show.

5-28-10:  I  must apologize for being SO FAR BEHIND in my new songs!  Don't lose hope, since I am getting on the ball with them once again.  Against my better judgment, I agreed to recently work on two other artist's songs, which has taken more time than I expected.   I should be finally wrapping that up in just the next few days.

My song,
My Family of Latvia, should be my next song completed, and I should get back to work on it in the next few days.  Due to various problems in translation, I decided to only do the song in ENGLISH, which will probably better please the majority of my fans.  Apparently, it is hard to translate my words into Latvian, without losing the poetic beauty and feel of my English lyrics.   This is based on feedback from some relatives in Latvia.

Also, a new song with the help of
 Anchor Mejans is already being worked on, called, Encrypt the Question.  Once again, it will include strong "classical" music elements, but don't expect it to be orthodox by any standard!

I just realized that I never announced at my website that my song,
Tivo My Message,  was finished and is now online.  But that is not the only good news with that song, since I made a cool music video of that song also!  

That was not the only music video I made recently of my music.  If you think We Like Snacks was a crazy song, you will got nuts seeing the music video of the song too!  Don't forget that 
We Like Snacks was originally a kind of "remix" of my bizarre song, My Name is Special Edward, which might explain for why you hear Edward at the start, and see his infamous monkey more than once in the video.

Another thing I did recently, was do my own gothic cover of the famous song, Imagine, by John Lennon.  My version is quite unorthodox.  I also made a music video of this song, which points out the real meaning of the words, and how Lennon's own ideals are fully inline with the still future Antichrist talked about in the Bible, and the New World Order which is for the most part already in place.

Even though I am normally a software engineer as a career, I've been "in-between" positions for a while now.  In the meantime, I've been getting more and more music gigs, and I have even gone back to teaching private music lessons.  At least it helps to pay the bills.:-)  

Ironically, thanks to my interest in the cutting-edge biblical teachings of Dr. Thomas Horn, I have somehow managed  though this interest, to gain the interest of his son, Joe Horn, in my own music.  Joe has graciously added me as one of his select artists to promote at his own music website, Artist Expressway.   Wow, nice to be featured on their front page, no less!  I cannot say that I agree with all the politics and how it is pushed by my fellow artists there, but I am certainly honored to be part of their organization.  As a Christian, I am being given a chance to voice an important message to both Christians and non-Christians about important current issues that are not really being touched by too many other people, and use my music as a vehicle for such things.

We had a wonderful world premire performance of The Tortilla Fairy, at the Plaza central de Zacatlán, in Zacatlán, Mexico.  You can hear the song by going here.

Two other compositions are well under way towards completion.  A sequel to 
Cascade of Souls.  Anchor Mejans
will once again be singing, this time in a work called, Tivo My Message.  The other piece I will sing in Latvian, called My Family of Latvia.  It will include guitar work by my cousin Jānis Janpavlis.  I don't know if the song will capture it fully, but it is about my overwhelming emotions in going to my biological parent's country of origin, and meeting many family members there that I never met before.  I want to go back soon!

Lots of roadblocks regarding getting any of the 3 new tunes finished that I am working on at the same time.  However, progress is being made on them.

On another matter, I have resurrected an old organization I started way back in high school in 1974, called, Trombone Union Forces.  It is mainly a Facebook organization right now.  See more details about Trombone Union Forces, or TUF, HERE.

I am way behind in updating this, but not that much new musically.  I have been uploading a few old piano improvs from the early 1980s ,  Piano Improv #1 and Piano Improv #2.  Still very slowly working on the "Torilla Fairy" and another song at the same time.

The big news is, is that in July, I went to Europe for the first time.  Even BIGGER news, I spent 5 days in Lativa, the country where both my biological parents were born, met quite a few of my relatives, and found ones I never knew even existed.  They are begging me to come back again soon, since there is so much to catch up on.  I am spending a lot of time trying to learn Latvian, and I probably will try singing some later songs in Latvian.  I also visited Sweden and Denmark.  My wife is part Danish, and we managed to find and visit the small city where her great, great grandfather used to live in that country.  


Just got back from a 5 day trip to "Nawlins" (New Orleans).  It was a great trip, in spite of having to wade through the Bourbon Street frat party people in the French Quarter.  As corny as some of that old time dixieland styled jazz is there, it was really cool to hear it in the few places that it was being played.  I especially enjoyed hanging out to hear  Jamil Sharif's band at the Maison Bourbon Jazz Club.  If I go back to Nawlins some day, I think I might just take one of my trombones with me, set a hat down in the French Quarter, and just start playing.  Even though musicians do that elsewhere, like where I live, it just seems to be more appreciated in the French Quarter than anywhere else, as long as it is the old fashioned jazz stuff.  LOTS of jazz trombonists with their hats out on the streets, surprisingly.  Maybe I will experience Turf War if I try this? :-)

Just a bit of updates/corrections since last blog:  

Finished my remix contest entry for 46Bliss.  However, I did not post it under my Goth Family Singers profile, but HERE, under my SKySWiM profile.  It was originally just going to be a joke remix, but I heard far too many gems in the noise, so I polished it up, lessened the more obnoxious parts, and I think, made a worthy contest entry.

The "Tortilla Fairy" song has taken off into even stranger directions.  After telling the song idea to some people at my church who are Mexican-American, they got all excited about it, and now are wanting to be part of it.  Much of the instrumental music is completed, which was based on a musical sketch I made around 1992.  If you can imagine an orchestra trying to perform a rock version of Spaghetti Western music in the style of the  movies, you might have a ballpark idea of where the fringes of this are, if you are willing to substitute a tortilla maker in place of a guitar player.  As goofy as this is, my Mexican-American friends actually think that this will be popular with many in the Mexican-American community.   Not sure who is muy loco (very crazy) here, me, them, or all of us! :-)

A bit of late news, but I recently uploaded  an even stranger tune musically than
Everybody's Got a Web Page.  It is called Cascade of Souls.  Anchor Mejans came up with the vocal melody, whereas I did the lyrics and the rest of the music.  It was inspired by the actual rant of an orchestra conductor at a concert dress rehearsal I was part of recently.  The song creatively was like trying to figure out how to mix oil with water.  Somehow, I finally could hear how symphonic OPERA could mix with a techno kind of beat and bass line.  I also debuted my new Shires orchestra trombone on this one on the solo.  Expect a kind of sequel to Cascade of Souls, with Anchor doing vocals again somehow once again on it.

My next tune will be about the Tortilla Fairy.  Is it possible that I finally lost my mind completely? :-)    In the meantime, I am trying to throw together a remix contest entry under my Goth Family Singers alter ego.

Just recently finished the song, Everybody's Got a Web Page. It was mostly inspired by much of the activities by people at places like and As wonderful as the Internet might be in some ways, it has also provided mankind with yet another way to avoid true human relationships and sincerity. Todd Larson of albinoSQUIRREL provided the excellent guitar work. It seems that he did not mind my glitching up of his tracks. I am planning to finally buy a half way decent camcorder and some decent video editing software, so I can make some song videos. Todd suggested that I make one for Everybody's Got a Web Page. I might also do one for We Like Snacks, since that also probably would go over well with the crowds.:-)

One of my next tunes, hopefully one that I spend little time on, is a tune about Synthetic Guitar Phobia Disorder. It is meant to be "aversion therapy" for those who suffer from such an ailment, and who apparently get sick when they hear non-real guitars in music:-)

There is a collab still in the works with Iacobus of mD, which I expect to be kind of Industrial Rock, with the working title, Challenge to Reply. It originally was based on a 15 year old song sketch of mine, but it changed so much, that I probably will still go back to my original sketch and work that up as yet another song.

There are at least 3 songs I have on the back burner that are about half way completed. Not sure if I am crazy enough, but two of them originally had me PLAYING REAL BASS GUITAR! I will have to either practice bass again, or get a better bass player do the part.

Sorry that I have been so slow with coming out with new tunes. Remodeling of my home has been a NIGHTMARE that has actually taken over 18 months. That has taken LOTS of emotional energy out of me and my wife. I have been mostly focusing on playing classical trombone gigs. I would really like to try to pull off my tunes live, but probably try quite different versions of them, maybe even "lounge" versions:-)

11-25-06 Had lots of great reviews from various websites regarding my new faux guitar rock tune, Mindless Matter . I only used midi-driven synths and drums (no loops) in it. Song was influenced especially because of various non-Christians posing as Christians, effectively drawing people away from God and the Bible.

New tune in the works: Everybody's Got a Web Page. It will include guitar tracks by Albino Squirrel (Todd Larson). This song is just begging me to try to go a bit more experimental than many of my more recent tunes.  

Looks like just gave me their top Song of the Day Spotlight Award for my Song, Nicht Mehr Wartend (No Longer Waiting).  Here is a banner they gave me for it to brag about my win:-)

mixposure award

Apparently, my song name was too long for them to put on the banner:-)


Arnie Stanton plays on a Shires Trombone

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