Trombone Union Forces (TUF) Official Web Page!

     This elite organization  is dedicated to the eventual world take-over* by the brotherhood (and sisterhood) of trombonists. Founded in Torrance, California in 1974, TUF has been revived to meet the challenges created by a mostly non-trombonist world.

All fellow TUF brothers (and sisters) would agree with what Stan Kenton once told me regarding what trombonists are all like: "IMPISH." We MUST rise to the occasion, not cower from our calling, which is to give God's chosen instrument it's proper recognition, and to have fun driving non-trombonists crazy.

In order to help us work together in doing what we do best (next to actually play our instrument), please JOIN our  Facebook group, by clicking HERE.

Onwards toward Victory!
Arnie Stanton,
Founding Grand Exalted Poobah

* Well, at least of the music world.

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Arnie Stanton is SKySWiM
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Arnie Stanton has been very involved in numerous genres of music, especially in classical, jazz, electronic music, and rock. Because of his wide musical background both in listening and training, he tends to not stay long with one particular sound, mood, or feel. Arnie's main instruments are trombone and piano.

He does most of his composing and recording in his home studio, which currently revolves around his Sonar 7 Producer Edition music software. Arnie is continuing to write many more musical compositions, and doing more collaborations with other musicians, along with currently performing live in various classical, jazz, and rock venues.

His base of operations is in Torrance, California.